Current Research

My research addresses a number of topics in international political economy.  My core research has focused on the relationship between multinational corporations and domestic governments.  I have also published on the politics of natural resources, the political economy of international institutions, the diffusion of policy across borders, business corruption, and civil war.

I’m slowly adding some of my working papers below.

Working Papers

Jensen, Nathan M. The Effect of Economic Development Incentives and Clawback Provisions on Job Creation: A Pre-Registered Evaluation of Maryland and Virginia Programs

Jensen, Nathan M., Michael G. Findley, and Daniel L. Nielson.  Electoral Institutions and Electoral Cycles in Foreign Direct Investment: A Field Experiment on Over 3,000 U.S. Municipalities

Jensen, Nathan M. and Edmund J. Malesky. Non-State Actors and Compliance with International Agreements An Empirical Analysis of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention

Jensen, Nathan M., Noel P. Johnston, Chia-yi Lee, and Abdulhadi Sahin. Crisis and Contract Breach: The Domestic and International Determinants of Expropriation