Economic Development Incentive Evaluation Project

This page provides details on a series of economic development evaluations.

The Effectiveness of the Texas Chapter 313 Program

The Texas Chapter 313 program targets capital intensive investments for tax relief through a property tax limitation.

I have produced a two page summary, a Policy Brief as well as a Research Paper on this program. Comments welcome!

The raw data for all of the 313 applications has been archived on the Open Science Framework.

An additional data set coding the costs of the program as well as additional coding from these applications here (data and codebook both in Excel).

Job Creation and the Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) Program.

This research has been published in the Journal of Public Policy.

Additional Evaluations

I will be posting results from evaluations of incentive programs in Maryland, Missouri, and Virginia.

The Political Economy of Economic Development Incentives

I have produced a number of co-authored pieces on the politics of incentives.  This includes research on how politicians use incentives to claim credit for investment in their district (gated, here).  More links to come!